Cape Breton Conference 2015


01 Scott MacLeod-The Inspiration of the Word of God

02 Peter Ramsey-The mind of the believer

03 Alex D-Saturday bible reading Burnt Offering

04 Murray McCandless-Following the steps of another man

05 David Swan-Does God dwell on the earth

06 Scott MacLeod-Sunday morning bible study Trespass Offering

07 Alec Dryburgh-Servant of Jehovah

08 Matthew Cain-The pledge and the seal

09 David Hierlihy-The purity of the mind

10 Scott MacLeod-Attacks on the Word of God

11 Murray McCandless-Living in the power of an ascended man

12 Matthew Cain-Gospel Sunday Night-The great white throne

13 Peter Ramsay-Gospel Sunday Night-Rest

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