Sussex Conference 2017


01Sussex 2017-David Heirlyhy-God speaking, My response

02Sussex 2017-John Meekin-God speaking the second time

03Sussex 2017-Murray McCandless-Heros or Helpers

04Sussex 2017-Phil Coulson-How did the Nation fall into Idoltary

05Sussex 2017-David Gilliland-Ruth called from Idoltary

06Sussex 2017-John Fleck-Pauls work in Troas

07Sussex 2017-Gospel-John Fleck-Seriousness of Sins

08Sussex 2017-Gospel-David Gilliland-Repentance

09Sussex 2017-David Gilland-Psa19, The circuit of the Son

10Sussex 2017-Scott MacLeod-If ye love Me

11Sussex 2017-John Procopio-Being an Ambassador for Christ

12Sussex 2017-John Fleck-Overview of the Kingdom

13Sussex 2017-David Gilliland-The Hallmarks of Henceforths


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