PEI Conference 2017


01PEI Conf2017-Elders in the Local Assembly-Scott MacLeod

02PEI Conf2017-Philippians1-Howard Barnes

03PEI Conf2017-The Commandments and Words of Christ-Allen Smith

04PEI Conf2017-Gospel Report-Stephen McCandless

05PEI Conf2017-The dark days of the Judges…then God-Murray McCandless

06PEI Conf2017-Making a difference between the holy and profane-John Procopio

07PEI Conf2017-Gospel-John Procopio

08PEI Conf2017-Gospel-Allen Smith

09PEI Conf2017-Message given by Caleb at the Sing

10PEI Conf2017-Bible Reading on the Rapture-Murray McCandless

11PEI Conf2017-Christ Suffering-Murray McCandless

12PEI Conf2017-Pornography-Caleb S

13PEI Conf2017-Living for God-John Meekin

14PEI Conf2017-The Gospel in Philippians-Howard Barnes

15PEI Conf2017-Gospel-Murray McCandless

16PEI Conf2017-Gospel-John Meekin

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