Winter Bible Readings – Revisiting the Basics

Frequently, along life’s pathway, there is a need to pause and revisit the fundamentals of Christianity. While we know them, we must keep them in remembrance. This is what Peter was suggesting in 2 Peter 1:12, “Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth”.

In light of this need, the Christians that meet at the Pope Road Gospel Hall in Summerside, PE, are hosting six nights of Bible Readings on Basic Christian Truth. These Bible Readings will be lead by John Meekin (Bridgewater, NS), Scott MacLeod (Darlington, PE), and Brody Thibodeau (Cambellton, PE).

They will be starting on Saturday, January 9th and will continue, every other Saturday, until March 20th. They will start at 7:00pm (Local PEI Time) and will be held virtually over Zoom. The Zoom link will be the same for each meeting. 

Here is the Zoom invitation and information: 

Topic: Winter Bible Readings – Revisiting the Basics

Time: 7:00pm (Local PEI Time) every other Saturday, starting Jan 9th, until Mar 20th. 

Join Zoom Meeting – 

Meeting ID: 850 3088 4198

Passcode: 4316

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There will be an unlisted YouTube link for the Bible Readings. This is not public, so only those with access to the link will be able to watch. This link will be non interactive, watch and listen only. Each night this link will be different. If you would like this link sent to for each meeting, please email us at

Bible Reading Outline

1) Jan 9th – Salvation: Our forgiveness; the position we experience (Opened by John Meekin)

2) Jan 23rd – Baptism: Our furtherance; the profession we exhibit (Opened by Scott MacLeod)

3) Feb 6th – Doctrine: Our foundation; the principles we espouse (Opened by Brody Thibodeau)

4) Feb 20th Assembly Fellowship: Our fellowship; the participation we enjoy (Opened by John Meekin)

5) Mar 6th – The Lord’s Supper: Our function; the proclamation we express (Opened by Scott MacLeod)

6) Mar 20th – The Prayer Meeting: Our focus; the pursuit in which we’re engaged (Opened by Brody Thibodeau)